Fears (written by Ana Mesec)

I am scared as every human beeing on this world. I have my deep fears of feeling lost, alone or not good enough. I am as normal as everyone around me, yet I am different, unique and not the same as the rest of the crowd. My fears can not be omitted, they can only be accepted in my body and soul and with accepting them, I can let them go. I can honestly thank them for beeing a part of me  and slowly let them to drift away. And then I discover a new dimension, a channel that hasn’t been opened before, there comes a new energy, new shade of my colour. New me. With accepting my fears I can only grow higher and higher, going to the mystery of my future beeing. My fears are making me go on and on, bringing to me new experiences every time I can open myself enough to accept them.

I am afraid, which makes me a person I am today. But I am also brave enough to show it and to let it out of my body and soul. I am strong enough to talk with my fears, to dance with them. And this is when I realize  my fears are becoming smaller and smaller, turning out to be friendly beeings inside of me who are encouraging me to go a little bit higher, a little bit deeper and a little bit further.

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